R&D Capability


R&D Team

With the support of THB research institute, THB Connector System 413 R&D engineers, including 310 personnel for connectors and PDMs, 48 for rubber products, 55 for plastic protection parts.

Industry Standards and Patents

Aimed to provide total solutions to our customers in vehicle electric connection area, THB Connector System establishs a series of positive R&D system. We have 208 patents about connectors and PDMs, and we have formulated 10 Chinese automobile industry standards.


R&D Process

R&D Tools

In the THB positive R&D system,we use the CAD software and project management software such as PLM. At the same time,we use the R&D methods such as QFD, FMEA, DFMAS, CAE, rapid sample verification, standardized modules, problem lists, and lessons learned libraries, to ensure and verify the rationality and feasibility of the whole process.


A complete quality control system has been established in THB to ensure the safety and controllability of the entire process, including design, manufacturing, packaging and transportation.
We also provide the after-sales service and traceability of all products.
We have passed the IATF 16949 quality system, ISO 14001 environmental system and ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory system

Test and Validation

  • Testing product
  • Automotive HV/LV connector, HV/LV fuse box、HV/LV wire harness、automotive electronics.
  • More than 20 professional testing staff.
  • Building site–3000 square meters.
  • More than 30mllion equipment investment.
  • 30million in plan to promote testing capabilities in NEV HV electronics, EMC、spectrum simulation and vehicle electric equilibrium.