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The 064 connectors have a variety of interfaces, widely used in wire-to-wire, wire-to-panel, wire-to-housing, etc., Suitable for a variety of environments, unsealed and sealed The 064 series connectors feature environmental resistance,lightweight and miniaturization.

Door Connectors

A connector used to connect electrical signals between the body and the door. The power-assisted mechanism is used to reduce the coupling and separation forces between connectors. The connector has good reliability. These connectors are used in the cockpit. The working environment temperature is -40℃-100℃, the protection grade is IP64, and the vibration grade is V1。

ECU Connectors

The ECU connector is a device that realizes the electrical connection between the board end and the wiring harness end. The male end is a pin connector, which is generally composed of a pin housing, a pin terminal and related accessories, and is connected to the PCB board by welding; the female end is a socket connector, which is generally composed of a socket housing, a socket terminal and related accessories , Connected to the wire harness end through terminal crimping. This type of connector has the characteristics of miniaturization, modularization, precise positioning, and high reliability.This connector is used in the engine compartment or under the instrument panel and requires a higher vibration level and protection level.

Engin Connectors

Sealed connector housing for connecting on-board engine sensors. The seal ring is used to seal between the connector and the sensor, and the cable seal is used to seal between the wire and the connector. CPA is used to strengthen the fixation between the connector and the sensor, and TPA is used to increase the holding force of the terminal between the connector and the terminal.Because the connector works near the engine compartment, its working environment is very harsh, so the connector needs to have high reliability.. The working environment that the sheath can withstand is: -43℃~120℃ temperature environment, V3 vibration level, S2 waterproof level.

IP Connectors

The connector is designed according to the standard interface and has good adaptability and reliability.These connectors include TPA, which has reliable terminal retention, good weather resistance and vibration resistance, and is used to connect to meters.

Light Connectors Series

The sealed connector installed in the car light position, the sealing structure: the connector is sealed with a sealing ring, the connector and the fixed interface are sealed with a sealing gasket, and the connector and the wire are sealed with a sealing gasket. The connector can achieve miniaturization and good reliability.These connectors are used to install in the position of the car lights, have good sealing performance, can realize the waterproof of the wiring harness and the connector, the connector and the fixed interface. These connectors commonly use 2.3mm and 1.5mm terminals.


SJM box provides commercial vehicle chassis wiring harness and body wiring harness connection solution, convenient line fault detection and maintenance, at the same time can protect the connector, connector function partition. SJM box has the characteristics of safety and convenience.

Mechanical Assist Connectors

Mechanical assist Connectors can be applied to BCM, firewall box and other functions according to different needs. Simple and intuitive installation, reducing wiring harness assembly time. It is provided with a lever sliding mechanism and a mounting buckle slot for realizing the plug-in connection, which can avoid the mis-insertion of the joint and the connector. And can choose different currents according to needs, provide technical solutions for various environments

HV Connectors

HV Bolted(Intergrated pass through) Connector

The HV Bolted Connector divided into three types with single, double and triple-hole connectors, which is suitable for a variety of wire diameters and multi-positions of error-proof key. The connector has proven techniques with 360° shielding and waterproof leave up to IP6K9K. The product adopts bolt as connection to keep solid characters with high shock resistance and outstanding heat resistance. It’s mainly used for batteries, motors, inverters and other electrical applications, designed to withstand high temperature and vibration environment.

HV Plug-in Connector

The HV Plug-in Connector adapts to a variety of wire diameters and multi-positions of error-proof key. The connector has proven techniques with 360° shielding and waterproof leave up to IP6K9K. There are two methods (PIN connection and wire connection) can be selected on customer demand. The product adopts the plug-in form, features quick-fit installation, keep solid characters with outstanding heat resistance and fire resistance. It’s mainly used for air conditions, PTC heating machine, DC/DC, battery package and other electrical applications.

TC-G DC/AC vehicle inlet

TC-G DC/AC vehicle Inlet comply with standard procedures GB/T 20234-2015, adapts to a variety of wire diameters and keep solid characters with outstanding heat resistance and water resistance, as well as temperature monitoring function.


SMS-R Series

SMS-R series has two types of contact points: solid and stamped. It can be applied to a variety of wire gauges, circumferential contacts, smaller-scale terminals, sustainable electrical conductivity, and superior anti-vibration performance. These terminals can be used in a vehicle body chassis, lights and other accessories; The waterproof can be sealed with single-hole and puncture skills to improve products more miniaturized and highly reliable.

DMS Series

The DMS series adopts a double-layer structure that combines two materials of steel and copper alloy. With multiple contacts, the terminal’s conductivity is improved and the anti-vibration ability is superior. These terminals can be applied to the instrument, gearbox, door and other parts of the car body. The wire diameter ranges from 0.2mm² to 16mm². It suitable for high-vibration, high-load sealed and non-sealed connectors.

SMS Series

The SMS series adopts a single-layer structure, providing tin or selective silver plating, gold plating skills, as well as the low insertion and extraction force and reliable anti-vibration ability. These terminals can be widely used in signal and power circuits, and stamped and formed terminals are designed for wiring terminals. Under the premise of ensuring electrical reliability, lightweight and cost are the biggest advantages.

Ring Terminals

General ring terminal

The general ring terminal is used for battery positive and negative electrodes, electrical wiring and grounding production environments, which has capability to withstand high current transmission. The terminal material is a high-conductivity copper alloy, the coating is tin-plated to ensure high corrosion resistance, and good salt spray and chemical corrosion resistance.

Overmolding ring terminal

The Overmolding Ring Terminal is mainly made of nylon reinforced material, through overmold secondary molding with a layer of plastic applied to the outside of the hole-type terminal, which keep the product to has insulation, high temperature resistance, and bending resistance characters, ensuring good mechanical strength and aging resistance.

Sonic welding ring terminal

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Battery terminal

Battery terminal dedicated to battery positive and negative pole of a direct connection, the locking bolt, solid and reliable, easy to install. The terminal material is a high-conductivity copper alloy, which can withstand the impact of large currents, and the coating is tin-plated to ensure high corrosion resistance and good salt spray and chemical corrosion resistance.

Tubular terminal

Tubular terminal adopts tubular profile machining and forming, O-shaped crimping, it is robust and reliable, can withstand high current load, and the surface can be tinned or nickel-plated.

Riveted nut terminal

Riveted nuts terminal is pre-assembled on the hole-type terminal, and the nuts are directly fixed to the terminals by mechanical riveting, which saves the assembly time of the OEM and improves efficiency.


Battery positive R/B

  • Connected with the battery anode or battery clamp;
  • Hung on the battery side or flat put above the battery;
  • Protect the high current circuit;
  • Use fasteners to connect input and output terminals;
  • Use modified material with better performance,such as PA/PBT;

Direct insert R/B

  • Insert terminal crimped with wire into box to achieve electrical connection among fuse, relay and terminal crimped with wire;
  • Use bus bar to achieve power distriction,neat layout ,high current carring capability;
  • Better heat dissipation;
  • Lower manufacturing cost;
  • Wiring harness complex, difficult to replace,higher maintenance costs;
  • Use modified PA or PA+PPE;

Busbar type Electrical Box

  • Use multi-layer bus bar to achieve complex electrical layout;
  • Use transition socket to connect components with bus bar;
  • Higher current carrying capability;
  • Quick and easy to plug in harness;
  • Need a lot of tooling, manufacturing costs is higher, poor adaptability to be changed, mold is serious changed;
  • Process is more complex;
  • Use modified PA material;


  • Use PCB to achieve complex electrical layout;
  • Flexible arrangement of high-current, alterable high / low current circuit design;
  • According to the size of input current,change power ,input type,improve it’s performance reliability;
  • Enhance the carrying capability of current circuit by adding busbar;
  • Convenient to update the design to current circuit, no affection to mold;
  • Connected to harness with connector, convenient to conduct insertion operation;

Electronics integrated Electrical Box

  • Electronic control module connected with fuse box;
  • The wiring harness and connector systems can be reduced;
  • Cost savings can be maximized;
  • Larger space required;
  • Applied to cockpit;

High Voltage Fuse Box

  • Metal shell
  • High protection
  • Pressure difference between outside and inside is balanced
  • EMC
  • High level of voltage withstand
  • High voltage is isolated from low voltage
  • Touch protection

064 US Header Connector Series

Production Description: 064 US Header Connector Series, with diversified product lines (8w、12w、16w、24w,28w,32w,36w,40w) and more accurate central distance (2.2mm), Micro and High lightweight features, which is in conformity with current developing trend. To meet the requirements of error-proofing, it designed A-D four types of error-proofing keys. The two states of straight needle and curved needle (90°) are developed for each interface; Each stage in two different temperature-resistant plastic materials with different welding methods to be required. This product is suitable for rearview mirrors, Bluetooth phones and other electrical applications.

DCD2.8 US Header Connector Series

Production Description: DCD 2.8 US Header Connector series with diversified product lines (6w、9w、12w、15w、18w,21w), error-proofing keys designed for system interface to up to the error defensive requirements; Two technical skills with silver plated stage and tin plated stage are developed in each specification to meet different temperature and vibration levels.

EPS Header Connectors

Production Description: EPS Header Connectors with diversified product lines, are suitable for more than two specifications of electronic connectors. The EPS serials connector transmit large-scale current machine in motor circuits, as well as small-scale currents such as signal and control circuits, to realize currents transmission in different specifications with stable and reliable performance. The production process uses fully automated equipment to complete the assembly, bending, testing, and tray assembly of the plastic sheath and the PIN needle, with high efficiency and good product consistency.

High Speed Connectors

FAKRA features and advantages

  1. Standard interface:conform to ISO and USCAR interface standards.
  2. Multiple application scenarios:straight and curved、with and without buckle,waterproof and non-waterproof.
  3. A variety of anti-error key positions:each product has 14 mechanical anti-error key positions.
  4. The header connector supports both wave soldering and reflow soldering.

Ethernet connectors

THB Automotive high-speed Connector product line is specially developed for high-speed signal transmission in automobiles, designed to satisfy customer needs for high quality, high reliability, cost-effective, products cover coaxial and differential connection systems, products cover board and wire connectors, types of straight head elbows, waterproof and non-waterproof, with power supply PIN types, and support  custom  design.


Through hole grommets

The through hole grommets are mainly used in the wiring harness through holes of the floor, rear protection, taillights, which can cope with harsh environments and have good waterproof and dust-proof capabilities.

Door grommets

The door grommets are mainly used at the connection between the front/rear doors and the connected point of trunk door with automotive body, which highly protect the internal wiring harness to avoid breaking. Furthermore it has dustproof and waterproof characters.

Front panel grommets

The front panel grommets are mainly used on the front wall of the cockpit and engine room to protect the main wire harness from passing through and has good sealing and sound insulation capabilities.

Other grommets

The other grommets with good dust-proof and protection function products have been developed such as battery terminal dust caps, front compartment high-voltage aluminum wire clips. The products with waterproof and protective functions such as sealing plugs, sealing rings and gaskets.



Harness fasteners are used to bundle and fix multiple cables or wires.
THB as harness product provider has variety of cabling products such as for welding types includes standard, fixed elements, sheet metal/substrate fixed, welding stud type and other types of products, as well as for buckles types includes strap type buckle, connector, pipe clamp/ferrule buckle etc harness plastic fastener products. The products are available in wide range and satisfying the diversified demands of customers. The company is committed to providing the high performance and best resolution for fastening, connection, wiring and product protection in automotive harness industries. We offer a full range of holistic client-tailored and customized solutions to satisfied for customer needs.


The cable bracket as main products to fix, guide, protect cables in normal operation and reduce the damage of wiring harness, to archive the higher wear resistance and protecting efficiently as well as products reliability, therefore, to improving the safety and quality in the whole vehicle procedure; THB has rich experience in synchronous design and development, based on the cable outer diameter, circuit direction and cable ducts used in automotive environment, we focus on the development and offer tailor-made design to customer.

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