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R&D Cycle Matrix

Parts Type

Design Freeze to OTS (Weeks)

OTS to SOP (Weeks)

LV Connectors


4 - 6


18 - 28

10 - 20

Ring Terminals

7 - 8

3 - 4



Header Connectors


8 - 12

HV Connectors


20 - 22




Cable Ties










  1. Above time is just for reference.
  2. The development cycle of parts will vary according to the complexity of the design.
  3. If the customer has an urgent need, THB will discuss the best development time and process with the customer.

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Case1-LV Connectors

A pillar three cables connectivity solution

This solution contains one and a half inline connectors, which is developed to be used on the A pillar for passenger vehicles, to realize the connection of three cables from engine cabin and dashboard and chassis.
1. The solution has 128 pin, one and a half inline connectors matched with only four kinds of terminals, greatly reduce the variety of materials;
2. It’s special clip can prevent the plug from bending and other damage;
3. The covers can effectively protect the wiring harness and provide outgoing guidance;
4. The mechanical assist makes the assembly more convenient and quickly;
5. All the contacts are double layer laser welding terminals, improve the reliability in harsh environments greatly.

Case2-HV Connectors

THV110 series plug in high voltage connector

THV110 series products are mainly used on battery and energy storage, which can match with the harness specification range from 50mm² to 70mm² , it has different coding, flame retardant and high temperature resistance characteristics.
This product can be customized according to customers’ requirements. The wire harness end with special terminals to achieve 90 degrees switching. The header is made of insert molding, which is convenient and quick to install.

THV110 series plug in high voltage connector



Number of positions:


Terminal Size/Style:


Wire Range:


(Individually unshielded)

Voltage Rating:

≤1000V DC

Temperature Range:

-40℃ to 125℃

Current Rating:


(according to UL4128)

Insulation Resistance:

≥500MΩ(1000V DC)

IP Rating:


Flammability Rating:




Case3-LV PDM

Smart junction box

This smart junction box is specially developed for an automobile factory and is used in the engine compartment of the SUV platform. Widely used in all models of a certain brand. The product is composed of fuses, relays, and in-line connectors to realize the power distribution and electrical control of the car, while also providing protection for the entire circuit and equipment. This smart junction box adopts hard-wired technical solutions and integrates MIDI high-current fuse circuit with stable performance. It conforms to the specifications of the automobile factory, has good protection and strong environmental adaptability.


Ultrasonic welding ring terminal

The terminal material is a high-conductivity copper alloy, using a local tin plating process, and the welding surface is pitted to increase the weldability. It is used for ultrasonic welding of wiring harnesses, and the voltage drop is greatly reduced compared with general crimping terminals. This technology has the advantages of no pollution, low energy consumption, firm welding, no change of metal structure, no loss of metal conductivity after welding, and far better performance than the crimping process.

Case5-Header Connectors

Engine cylinder bulkhead Connectors

This header connector is used on Fuel Injector wiring harness sub-assembly which developed by THB in cooperation with Diesel Engine. The header contains 8 pins and expandable up to 14 pins, it can withstand temperature from -40℃ to 100℃, and We can change the material of the sealing to make it withstand higher temperature classification. The diameter of the matching hole on the cylinder is Φ32mm and the dimension of the header connector is 53.15mm* Φ35.2mm.

Electronic Fuel Injection bulkhead Connectors

Electronic fuel injection system connector (ECU) is developed by THB in cooperation with a well-known domestic OEM. It contains 34 pins and can withstand minus 40 to 125 ℃.
Its design highlights are 4 points:
1. Pins are designed with different height, which can effectively avoid the concentration of the engage force between the pins and the mating connector;
2. The polarization feature can make sure the right assembly between male and female connectors;
3. It has positioning column, which is firmly matched with the adapter panel to meet the high level of vibration;
4. With automatic pin insertion machine equipment, the pins are automatically installed and bent after cut to ensure its position and verticality.

Case6-Sealing Parts


Engine heating wire with rubber overmolding joint

The rubber overmolding joint on heating wire is developed for GM and is used for platform-based engines. It is widely used in Cadillac brand models. The product is made of high-temperature-resistant V0 flame retardant rubber and overmolded with wire harness terminal. The applicable temperature range is -70℃~200 ℃, it’s advantage lies in three points:
1. Provide heating protection from cold engine starting;
2. It has perfect characteristics on plug-in force, dustproof and waterproof;
3. It meets the requirements of GM specifications, and with good protection and strong environmental adaptability.


Cable tie with Edge Clip series

This kind of clip consists of a Cable tie and an Edge clip with a Metal clamp in it. This series of products are widely used on cable fixing and bundling, which can meet wire harness with different diameters and plates with different materials, it also has high temperature resistance characteristics. We can choose different length of Cable tie and different Edge clip according to different customer requirements. Also, there’s both 90 degrees and 180 degrees Metal clamp due to a different installation direction.