THB Headquarter

THB provides marketing and application services in North America.

Create an international brand and be a world-class enterprise.

THB Headquarter

Engineering Center / R&D Building

THB Headquarter

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THB Headquarter


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Customized Solutions

Tianhai has a comprehensive research and design center. Regardless of the project (from passenger cars to commercial vehicles, from traditional connectors to high-speed connectors, from high current to low signal current), Tianhai will use its rich experience to design and develop connectors and terminals.

R&D Capabilities

National Certified Engineering Center.Tianhai R&D Institute has about 400 professional and veteran R&D staff at home and abroad. We have R&D centers for electronics system, connector, wiring harness, automotive electronics and harness equipment.

About THB

Tianhai Auto electronic Group Limited (“THB Group”) was founded in 1969.THB is one of the largest design and manufacturing groups for automotive connectors and automotive electronic components in China. The headquarter locates in Hebi National Economic and Technological Development zone, Henan Province, it is the leading enterprise in China automotive components industry (connectors), National high-end technological enterprise and National intellectual property rights demonstration enterprise, “THB” trademark was certified as the China famous brand. Being a fast-growing and transnational company, THB has 36 sales/customer service offices and 20 design/manufacturing bases, with its production covering Asia Pacific, America, and Europe .

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